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Origami Coffee Dripper Keychains | Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red, Blue, Orange, White, Green (Inspired Art)

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Dive into the mini worlds with these origami animals and characters. Whether you enjoy specialty coffee or not, there's something interesting in each of them for everyone. 

Acrylic Keychain Description: ⁣

-1.75” tall

-double-boarded, artwork is between acrylic

-double-sided printing! ⁣⁣

-silver keyring

**Wooden charm comes with a string attachment and is one-sided.

**SALE**Old stock from the previous versions can come in a discounted mystery pack which may include any of the old designs: ⁣⁣

Silver Keyring Charm information: ⁣⁣

~1.5” tall⁣ -100% recycled and recyclable plastics made using plastics that have reached the end of their life-cycle and would otherwise end up in the landfill/incineration⁣⁣

-3mm thick⁣⁣ -double-sided printing! ⁣⁣

-single-boarded (artwork is on the surface of one side) with clear outline for carafe⁣

-VOC/HFC-free⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

Gold Keyring Charm information: ⁣⁣

~1.5” tall⁣ -double-boarded (artwork inside and protected)⁣

-gold-coloured keyring⁣ -cuthole for the handles (no white outline)⁣ ⁣

*slightly different cuts for each as they were cut from different manufacturers ⁣ 

How to use

Vinyl Stickers: Clean off area with water and a cloth before applying stickers for best results. All vinyl stickers are waterproof and weatherproof and can last from 2-4 years depending on how they are used.

Tote Bags/Clothing: Flip inside out and hand-wash/machine-wash on cold/warm settings. Hang to dry for best results or low setting for dryers (NO HIGH HEAT).

*Do not iron directly on design.

*Do not dry clean.

Pins/Jewellery/Keychains: Refrain from getting items wet for longevity.

Packaging + Shipping

Eco-friendly or reused packaging may be used to reduce waste.

Orders with pins will automatically have tracked shipping outside of Canada.

Backing cards shown in pictures may change as new designs are made.

Shipping dates are not guaranteed (e.x. weather delays, holiday season).

Return policy

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